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Gil’s interview about Urban Photography on Israel’s Channel 10. Click to watch video!

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Tal Ninio, PSKiss, 18. Oct, 2010

We contacted Mr. Gil Lavi, a professional commercial photographer and artist and asked for his personal opinion of our filters. He insisted on buying them first, so his review won’t be biased in any way.

Here is a summary of his review:

“My work combines commercial photography and art photography. Both of them are very demanding in terms of image quality and full control of post production and final prints. In addition, deadlines of commercial work get shorter and shorter every month…

Although my knowledge of Photoshop is quite advanced, I am always looking for smart tools that will help me work faster and easier.

When Tal and Max from PSKiss brought their filters to my attention, I had an ambivalent feeling. Is this real? 5-6$ products? I am used to pay large bucks for my professional gear… They insisted the filters will do the job for me so I decided to give it a try. To my great surprise, they were right. So simple but so efficient!”.

We are happy to present one of Gil’s landscape photos, before and after editing them with PSKiss Photoshop filters (Please click on images to enlarge):

The original photo:

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Glad to share with you the IAA (International Aperture Awards) Silver Award for “Sleep well” ,the Image I’ve shoot for the AIDS TASK FORCE prevention campaign.

International Aperture Awards Silver Award

Wonderful Machine dedicated a special post about this Ad for the World AIDS Day.

Ad was developed at Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Y&R Interactive Tel Aviv, by chief creative officer Gideon Amichay and Tzur GOlan, creative director Amit Gal, copywriter Orit Bar-Niv, art director Shirley Eva Bahar, photographer Gil Lavi, account supervisor Shiran Chen, account manager Inbal Stern, working with AIDS TASK FORCE director Adam Polachek.

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Gil Lavi is a world-class commercial photographer, portraitist and brand image consultant. He also has a keen eye for documentary photography, as seen in his series, “Soldiers in White” which explores the world of Israel’s emergency medical technicians.

Rachel Neiman, Israel21C, September 4, 2009 – 6:59 PM



The living quarters where sleep can be interrupted in a moment…


… as EMTs launch into action.

Lavi also takes special note of the relationship between religious and secular EMTs…



… and the camaraderie between male and female, young and old.


MDA’s heroic efforts in bringing medical services to all sides under the most trying circumstances have been well-reported by ISRAEL21c , but Lavi’s is a more intimate look. It’s a far cry from the high gloss commercial work for which he is famous — Lavi was named one of the 300 most influential Israelis under 40 for 2009 by Forbes magazine — but ties in to his photographic roots: during his army service, he was a photographer for the Ground Forces Command and then head of the IDF Still Photography Department. In fact, darkroom fluid flows in his veins: his father is renowned photographer Moshe Lavi (more about him, hopefully, on another Friday).

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