Better late than never Leica

After months, maybe even years some say, of complaints from clients Leica is finally publishing an annucment about the memory card issues on it’s website.

The announcement is not full and not revealing the all the camera writing issues but I got to admit that this is a huge move forward as just a week ago Leica’s marketing VP told me that my demand for such an announcement from leica is unrealistic.  

It’s terrible that I had to expose this malfunctions on my blog, in different magazines including popular photography, ask for the help of Leica guru Ken Rockwell and have a very public courespondetns with Leica in order to get Leica’s attention to this well known and reported malfunction for such a long time.

I won’t say that a good end is everything that matters, especially has this is not the end and Leica didn’t solved the problem yet, but I will say that Leica made a huge step forward today. Leica initially showed no responsibility for it’s malfunctions or for it’s users and it is seems like it start taking one step by step.

I’m happy for my conscience and for Leica that someone in Solms found the courage and good brain to finally issue this statement on Leica’s website and not in dark forum rooms. I do hope for Leica and it’s users that this statement will be updated and will describe better the whole of the M9’s memory issues.

I wish Leica all the best in solving the problem and great pictures to all.



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  1. Noel says: August 10, 20115:56 am

    Solve the problem once and for all by switching to film.

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