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Press Release (Originally by the International Photography Awards IPA):

Photographer Gil Lavi was awarded five times during the 2012 International Photography Awards Competition (IPA) in Fine Art , Lifestyle, Architecture panoramic photography categories.

Gil Lavi was Awarded: Honorable Mention in Special – Panoramic category for the winning entry “Central Park.”

Gil Lavi was Awarded: Honorable Mention in Fine Art – Abstract category for “Existential Fear.”

Gil Lavi was Awarded: Honorable Mention in Fine Art – Other category for “Hot Summer Pain.”

Gil Lavi was Awarded: Honorable Mention in People – Lifestyle category for “The Water Parade.”

Gil Lavi was Awarded: Honorable Mention in Architecture – Buildings category for “Children’s Garden.”


Gil Lavi born in Jerusalem on January 1st 1985 in a family with attraction to art. Lavi began his communication career as a writer for local newspapers at the age of 14. At the same age, his photographs were exhibited publicly for the first time and by the age of 16 Gil was already working for a daily newspaper. During his compulsory military service with the Israeli Defense Forces, Lavi served as a chief photographer for the Ground Forces Command. In 2006 he established his own commercial photography and brand imagery consulting studio. In 2008 Lavi began working on commercial projects across Europe and the United States. During this period, he created 3 exhibitions of his personal work including “Under Attack” (looking at the impact of the global economic crisis on the United States), “Freeze” (focusing on urban life style in major Berlin, Paris, New York, Prague, Warsaw and Tel Aviv) and “City of War” (examining the psychological implications of a war through a view of the suburban terrain). Later the same year Lavi was chosen by Forbes Magazine as one of the 300 most successful and promising Israelis under 40. Towards the end of 2009, the Israeli government hired Lavi to create the photographic concept and to produce the imagery for Israel’s brand book and worldwide rebranding process. Lavi also produced and edited a photo essay about the murders of gay teenagers in Tel Aviv, published in the International Time Out magazine. Engaging people through photography has progressively played a major role in Lavi’s career. He has been invited by different organizations as a keynote speaker at various conventions in the U.S., Israel and Latin America. Lavi’s recent exhibitions include Month of Photography LA “One Shot: The City”, New York Photo Festival “Feast your Eyes” photo exhibition, Solo exhibition at Tomasella of SoHo NY, “POV”, Israel’s 1st photo festival, “What is Religion” by WHcreation, “Energy, Strength or Power”, Half Moon Bay, California, “Envisioning Justice”, New York, “The Lie of the Land”, Tel Aviv. Lavi often interviewed on TV and was featured in pieces and profile articles in different publications including Popular Photography, Photographer Monthly, Amateur Photographer, PDN Photo District News, Photo Resource, F8, Ynet, Israel channel 1, channel 2 and channel 10 . Besides his personal work, Lavi has shot for Delta Airlines, Knorr, AIDS Task Force, Wired magazine, the Israeli government, Michael Bloomberg, Technology Review, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Siemens, leading politicians and in conjunction with ad agencies, including Publicis, Y&R, and IPG. He holds the 2011 IAA Silver award for excellence in Commercial, Advertising & Fashion photography.

The 2012 International Photography Awards received nearly 18,000 submissions from 104 countries across the globe. IPA is a sister-effort of the Lucie Foundation, where the top three winners are announced at the annual Lucie Awards gala ceremony. The Foundation’s mission is to honor master photographers, to discover new and emerging talent and to promote the appreciation of photography. Since 2003, IPA has had the privilege and opportunity to acknowledge and recognize contemporary photographer’s accomplishments in this specialized and highly visible competition.



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This month my work has been featured in Photography Monthly magazine. The 4-page article, including the inner cover, consisted of an interview about my work for the AIDS task force campaign and my personal project city of war. The magazine is on the shelves in the UK and will be available at Barnes & Nobles in the U.S. starting February 19th.

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After receiving an extraordinary abilities visa, Gil Lavi moved from Israel to New York City. Photography assignments had continually brought Gil back to New York, over and over again throughout the years, and he slowly found himself falling in love with the city. He adds, “after spending many months each year in New York, it was very clear to me that this is the place for me to be, where I can climb higher both professionally and personally.” The fact that Gil has only been New Yorker of a few weeks hasn’t stopped him from getting some interesting, and truly Americana assignments.

Most recently, Gil got an unusual request from the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC)—shoot the candidates at a national Republican debate. Normally, Gil is more of a commercial shooter, not exactly a photojournalist. However it wasn’t something he’s never done before either. He states, “I think that, in many ways, this assignment was much closer to the style of my personal works than my commercial assignments.”

Gil wasn’t unfamiliar with US politics though, having followed past US elections,

I’ve experienced political photography in Israel, which made me aware of the political world in general. I’d been following the usage of photography in former US presidential campaigns, thinking about the messages of the candidates versus the impact of their images, and of course, trending styles in that field.

After accepting the assignment, Gil found himself in large group of photographers at the debate, creating both a physical and creative restraints,

The shoot was challenging in the regard of creating striking and unique images, while being surrounded by press photographers. I was still obligated to create my signature shots for the RJC. All I could do was use my visual instincts and try to hunt the energy that burst out in certain points of the speeches and compose it using the strong graphic elements of the stage. I stopped myself from shooting at the beginning of the speeches when everyone else did, and I pulled myself away from the straight angles the rest of them used. I was looking for the graphically meaningful spots that will allow me to bring out a very strong messages.

Gil has his own description/take on his three favorite images from the shoot:

Rick Perry’s religious body language—in a moment were he looks like he his on the edge of revelation—reveals so much about his deep feeling of mission.

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Last month I had the pleasure to photograph for WIRED UK. I returned to Israel to create images of the annual Geekcon tech meet up  for the magazine. The pictures available on the printed and iPAD additions.


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Photographer Gil Lavi has started having major problems with his Leica M9 — and he’s not the only one. In a blog post Lavi lays out how his shiny new Leica has not been playing well with SanDisk memory cards. The SanDisks caused the camera to crash and be useless until they were pulled out, and making the SD card itself unreadable. He even tried replacing his M9, only to find that now it wrote to the disks at a glacial speed, and produced 0KB image files.

Leica admitted earlier this year to being aware of the problem, but thanks to Lavi’s statement, they’ve actually issued him a statement, saying:

Initial problems were due to the use of low end cards which in your case is not the case! Low end cards often do not conform with the standards of hight end SD cards, which can lead to problems.
Therefore the problem that you are describing was initially an isolated issue that was resolved by formatting any new card to the FAT standard after San Disk issued cards with a new card format.
In the meantime we have learned of your problem and others with the same issue, which made us look into into it.”


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Gil’s interview about City of War & Soldiers in White photo projects, on Israel National TV.

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Last month the photo story “City of War”, about the life in Sderot during the last war was shown in the New York Envisioning Justice exhibit .

In an Interview for Moment Magazine Curator Deborah Plum stated:

“For instance, Gil Lavi [an internationally renowned photographer] did a series of photos in Sderot. What drew me to those photos was that it was about Sderot. Not about Sderot being bombed or about the State not taking care of the town, but about the place itself. It showed Russian immigrants living there and happy to be there. It wasn’t about the statistics. I loved those photos. I think it was my inspiration for the whole show.”

Check out the full interview with Deborah about the photographs in the exhibit.


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