Foto Friday Gil Lavi’s Soldiers in White

Gil Lavi is a world-class commercial photographer, portraitist and brand image consultant. He also has a keen eye for documentary photography, as seen in his series, “Soldiers in White” which explores the world of Israel’s emergency medical technicians.

Rachel Neiman, Israel21C, September 4, 2009 – 6:59 PM



The living quarters where sleep can be interrupted in a moment…


… as EMTs launch into action.

Lavi also takes special note of the relationship between religious and secular EMTs…



… and the camaraderie between male and female, young and old.


MDA’s heroic efforts in bringing medical services to all sides under the most trying circumstances have been well-reported by ISRAEL21c , but Lavi’s is a more intimate look. It’s a far cry from the high gloss commercial work for which he is famous — Lavi was named one of the 300 most influential Israelis under 40 for 2009 by Forbes magazine — but ties in to his photographic roots: during his army service, he was a photographer for the Ground Forces Command and then head of the IDF Still Photography Department. In fact, darkroom fluid flows in his veins: his father is renowned photographer Moshe Lavi (more about him, hopefully, on another Friday).

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