Fuji X100: Rainy night in NY

After almost a week with the Fuji X100 I’m a very happy person.

Many people are saying that compering the Fuji X100 to the Leica M9 is stupid, and they are absolutely right! The Fuji is a camera that will save the great pictures you take on the memory card, while the Leica is a camera that will destroy your pictures and memory cards.

Saying that, The Fuji is much more cohesive  with the original concept of photography! and since it can save the pictures it takes, it’s a much better camera than the Leica M9. Nothing to argue about. The Leica M9 though, is much nicer male Jewelry if you are into all that x fashionable metrosexuality thing.

After being very happy with the X100 in various conditions, including making sure it can take pictures of bricks (as Leica photographers always claim that there cameras can take great bricks pictures) I decided to check out how can it shot in the rain. At night.

Most of the pictures were taken yesterday after 8:30 PM eastern time.

8th Avenue

Columbus Circle

56th Street

57th Street

Columbus Circle

Columbus Circle

8th Avenue

8th Avenue



  1. David Henderson says: August 15, 20111:06 pm

    Phenomenal nighttime images with a $1,200 camera. And, why would someone want to spend 8 times that much on a Leica M9?

  2. Robert Walker says: August 17, 20111:41 pm

    The more I hear and read about the Fuji X 100 the more I want one. I am a Nikon user and yet this more compact camera interests me. I have always loved and admired Leica, but after the memory card issue I may change my mind. My local camera store will not even take an order for the Fuji, so I must wait. Thanks for the info. ken Rockwell says some good things about the Fuji also.

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