Leica M9 Battery Malfunction

Leica M9 continue to be a great source for anger and frustration among Leica users.

Since I revealed the Leica M9 M9P SD cards malfunctions I got many emails from aggravated Leica users about additional malfunctions with the Leica M9.

I can’t write about Camera malfunctions that I didn’t experienced personally, but I can definitely write about the ones I did. Leica photographer Chats Chatterjee from Virginia has refereed me to his blog after his Leica M9 failed him, showing full batteries as empty, leading to camera shut down.

Chats writes:

“I’m having bizarre battery issues with my M9. Pop in a fully charged battery. Camera says “battery low”. No pattern to the issue. Occurs with my two genuine nine month old batteries. Anyone else having this problem? I wrote to Leica Technical who claimed no knowledge of this issue. I have seen some posts on the Internet complaining about this exact same issue. Very sad to see such poor performance in a $7000 machine. Is this „Deutsche Gruendlichkeit”?”

I personally experienced with My M9’s a very similar phenomena of popping in a fully charged battery and the camera will estimate it as no more than 20% charged. I just wasn’t feeling like this is any issue compering to the Leica’s M9 memory card corruption  scandal.

Leica camera told Chats that they know nothing about battery problem and asked him to pay for shipment in order to check is 7,000$ camera and 300$ batteries while on warranty.

It’s the same Leica that made people sending their 7,000$ – 27,000$ cameras to Germany on their expense just to tell them that their is no problem with their cameras, while Leica knew the cameras it sold are regulary corrupting memory cards and destroying photographers reputation.

A source close to Leica confirmed to me that this is another Leica M9/M9P known malfunction.



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  1. nesaco says: August 8, 20116:56 pm

    It seems that Leica attended customer satisfaction courses. In this courses you learn how to understand customers, not how to solve problems. But I don`t know for you, but for me it is more important to get solutions that to get undestanding. When things like this happens I have a workaround, I don`t buy.

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