Leica thought police!

Now it seems like Leica has its own thought police.

After exposing that Leica is finally taking responsibility for the Leica M9 malfunctions that were dismissed until yesterday, my posts containing warnings to M9 users in different forums were deleted. Others just warned me not to go on and deleted some of my content.

Read this one for yourself:

Leica M9 inability to keep the images captured by the camera on the card reminds my allot of what happened with the Leica M8 IR issue. Unfortunately once again people choose the defensive way of denial instead of solving the problem.



Update Aug 4th 2010 8:30:

Leica sponsored forums has banned me after Exposing the Leica M9 and Leica M9P failures to save images.

They also tell people there that everything is ok with the camera and that it’s only photographer issue, a BIG fat lie.

It’s time for the Leica people to fix the Leica M9/M9P cameras instead of throwing rubbish on their users.

At the moment Leica banned me from any Leica forum, Leica fan page ,etc, to prevent me from reporting the problem to users.



Update Aug 4th 2010 9:06:

Leica removes the ban on me after publishing the last update about Leica’s thought police.

Update Aug 5th 2010 7:42:

After a threatening phone call with Leica rep. Leica is deleting once again every record to the Leica M9 malfunction and keep selling cameras that are unable to save images but very good at destroying memory cards.

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  1. Fred Facker says: August 3, 201110:15 am

    When he says, “we are talking about images here, not mortal danger,” it shows that he fails to grasp that some people’s livelihood depends on images and when those images disappear, so does the food on the table.

    • Elly says: December 30, 20119:24 pm

      If you want to get read, this is how you solhud write.

  2. Andreas Jürgensen says: August 5, 20117:35 am


    some corrections and comments:

    The Leica Forum is not run by Leica Camera AG but by me, Andreas Jürgensen. We have a close relationship and Leica supports us, especially with direct contact to the Leica staff and information for our users.

    Banning you was a decision made by the whole moderation team including me. It was not influenced in any way by Leica. It was never lifted – perhaps for some seconds before making it a lifetime ban.

    Your complaints were not the reason – they are still online:
    As I wrote (see your screenshot) we have no problems with complaints about Leica products or product quality or whatever – you can find a lot in our forum.

    The reason for your ban and the only thing we deleted were violations of forum rules, especially insults to Leica and me (“Thought police”) and legal threats.

    We are interested in solving the SD card problem together with Leica by finding the reason for it. Legal threats don’t help but poison the atmosphere and thus make it impossible to cooperate.

    At this moment I’m sending out a forum newsletter to about 40,000 Leica Forum members asking them about problems with SD cards. I think this is a better way to solve problems than complaining and threatening.

    Personal remark:
    I’m working together with a lot of companies in the imaging industry. And I don’t know any other company that is so deeply and personally involved with their customers.


    • Bert says: December 30, 20117:55 pm

      Boom sahakakla boom boom, problem solved.

  3. Jay says: August 13, 20117:32 pm

    Just read the whole Leica M9 fiasco. Sorry, Gil, I hope you didn’t lose any clients, especially in such a competitive environment. It’s stressful enough trying to run the circus without any equipment problems.

    @Andres–you have a very serious credibility problem. “Thought Police” hardly constitutes an insult; pretty thin, IMHO. Insults to Leica??? I didn’t know you had to defend Leica’s honor! Here’s an insult Andres — you are a tool! A tool of Leica to sell more cameras. You are so busy kissing Leica’s rear-end that you can’t see clearly or rationally. A tool. And don’t worry, I banned myself from your forum already, so I won’t waste my bandwidth with your Leica fan-boy cheerleading! I hope Leica bought you pom-poms as well.

    BTW, I’ve been shooting Leica M film cameras for many years, so I’m no Leica hater.

    • Hester says: December 29, 20115:50 pm

      That’s cleraed my thoughts. Thanks for contributing.

  4. Barbie says: December 30, 20118:15 pm

    I’m impressed by your writing. Are you a professinoal or just very knowledgeable?

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