Leica’s spin

The reports about Leica M9 memory card corruption started only in April, suggesting that only cameras that were produced around and after April are effected.

Another Leica M9 memory issue that is reported for 2 years now is the frame buffer malfunction, causing pictures to not be written on the card or to be written as 0kbytes files, mostly but not only in burst mode.

After Leica’s M9 memory card corruption and camera death malfunctions have been exposed world wide, uncovering Leica’s irresponsibility that put it’s clients in deep risk of their reputation, Leica found a nice spin.

Wishing to isolate the media reports and to try gain back some points, Leica choose to speak about one of the frame buffer malfunction which is more possible to control, rather to talk about the more severe memory card corruption and M9 camera death.

Unfortunately for Leica, both Popular photography magazine and Uk amateur photographer magazine, together with every publications who has respect towards his readers, already expose that Leica admitted of knowing about the malfunctions for a long time.

Leica is basically using 2 years old malfunction in the M9 that was never fixed in order to cover 4 months old even more severe malfunction in the M9. Both which Leica have been aware of the all time.

Worse of all, the spin is also made up to suggest photographers that they have sort of control over the memory card corruption and camera death problem. They don’t.

No matter on which mode the photographer will shot, how many pictures he will take, or which card he will use, the memory card can get get corrupted, the pictures will be destroyed and the photographer reputation will be gone.

Hi, but who cares as long as leica registering another 7k?! Leica continuing to sell this cameras for 7,000$ without issuing any warning to it’s clients.



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