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My father’s Nikon F was the first camera I’ve ever held in my hands. It had a 50mm lens and a broken light meter. I’ve used to carry this camera everywhere and developed the pictures at home by myself. I was seven years old that time. As I grow grew up and became a professional photographer during the digital revolution, the equipment became much heavier and I needed had to go around with much more than one camera and a 50mm lens.

At the beginning of the digital revolution I was only carrying one Canon dslr, two lenses and a point & shoot digital camera in my bag.  As time passed, I became more professional and Canon had much more to offer. I found myself carrying on regular basis two Canon 1d’s bodies, 16-35 2.8L lens, 24- 70 2.8L lens 70-200 2.8 L IS, 50 1.4 lens, 85 1.2 lens, laptop and much more.

I’ve ended up with 20kg on my back, reminding me of my the days in the army. It made me heavy, clumsy and most of all killed the joy of spontaneous photography. It just made me stop carrying my cameras with me when I didn’t have to.

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