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After receiving an extraordinary abilities visa, Gil Lavi moved from Israel to New York City. Photography assignments had continually brought Gil back to New York, over and over again throughout the years, and he slowly found himself falling in love with the city. He adds, “after spending many months each year in New York, it was very clear to me that this is the place for me to be, where I can climb higher both professionally and personally.” The fact that Gil has only been New Yorker of a few weeks hasn’t stopped him from getting some interesting, and truly Americana assignments.

Most recently, Gil got an unusual request from the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC)—shoot the candidates at a national Republican debate. Normally, Gil is more of a commercial shooter, not exactly a photojournalist. However it wasn’t something he’s never done before either. He states, “I think that, in many ways, this assignment was much closer to the style of my personal works than my commercial assignments.”

Gil wasn’t unfamiliar with US politics though, having followed past US elections,

I’ve experienced political photography in Israel, which made me aware of the political world in general. I’d been following the usage of photography in former US presidential campaigns, thinking about the messages of the candidates versus the impact of their images, and of course, trending styles in that field.

After accepting the assignment, Gil found himself in large group of photographers at the debate, creating both a physical and creative restraints,

The shoot was challenging in the regard of creating striking and unique images, while being surrounded by press photographers. I was still obligated to create my signature shots for the RJC. All I could do was use my visual instincts and try to hunt the energy that burst out in certain points of the speeches and compose it using the strong graphic elements of the stage. I stopped myself from shooting at the beginning of the speeches when everyone else did, and I pulled myself away from the straight angles the rest of them used. I was looking for the graphically meaningful spots that will allow me to bring out a very strong messages.

Gil has his own description/take on his three favorite images from the shoot:

Rick Perry’s religious body language—in a moment were he looks like he his on the edge of revelation—reveals so much about his deep feeling of mission.

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In a world where technology opens many doors, this series looks at how subjects in the analog world have become ensnared by the digital reigns put upon us in our everyday lives. While people flock to iPads, TiVo and Facebook, the world around them is left empty, even in urban or semiurban areas, where only signs of humanity remain. Shopper carts are abandoned in favor of Amazon.com, wheelchairs are vacated as people “visit” places by looking at Google Images from the comfort of their sofas or stuffed animals left alone as people find support communities online. The only people we can see in this digital world are either in it or in spite of it but in no case are truly part of it, as they struggle to find their place.

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Sunset at Wilton Manors

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Santa Claus on a motorcycle

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$6 Hair Cuts. Starke, Florida

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I’m delighted to invite all of you to view my work at the New York Photo Festival  Feast your Eyes exhibition. My work, The Red Series, has been chosen by the jury to be exhibited.

I hope to see you at the opening at the powerHouse Arena on January 6, starting at 6pm. The exhibition will run from January 6 to January 27.

New York Photo Festival Feast Your Eyes invitation

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The confederate flag. Tampa, FL.

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